Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you get into dentistry in general, and why did you specialize in oral surgery?

    I got into dentistry because I wanted to have personal interaction with patients. I chose oral surgery because it combines dentistry with medicine. I value giving back to the community by caring for sick patients, and oral surgery allows me to care for more sick people.

  • You just opened your new practice. Why would a prospective client select you as their oral surgeon versus someone else?

    My practice focuses on patients’ safety and comfort. We actually pay attention to each individual. We educate them about their oral health and take the time to break down the benefits of different treatments. Additionally, I have gone through a general practice residency, a postgraduate oral surgeon internship, and a residency at a level one trauma center. Not only do I have extensive experience with oral surgery, but I can see both sides of each treatment—the restoration as well as the surgery. This allows me to create more well rounded treatment plans for each patient.

  • You have a very extensive educational background with numerous professional memberships, multiple licenses, and a variety of certifications. How does this help you in your practice on a day to day basis?

    The extensive training in dentistry and oral surgery means that I have had exposure to a wide variety of cases, as well as many opportunities to refine my clinical judgment skills. This allows me to make better decisions regarding individual cases, and to perform oral surgery with a very experienced hand. My professional memberships help me keep up to date with the latest developments in my field, and to constantly speak with colleagues about new and better treatment options. This ongoing education makes me a better surgeon for each patient I see.

  • Which hospitals are you affiliated with, and what is the nature of those affiliations?

    I am a clinical attending for the oral surgery department, under the Department of Dentistry, at Metropolitan Hospital. I work with both oral surgery residents and general residents, overseeing their surgeries. I also perform some surgeries with them, especially trauma surgeries and more extensive oral surgeries. I like working with residents, as it’s a way of giving back to the program that trained me. I also enjoy watching them progress and become better surgeons.

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