Facial Reconstruction in NYC

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After a trauma, disfigurement of the facial anatomy is common. With extensive training at Westchester Medical Center, a Level I trauma center, Dr. Han has the skill and experience to repair broken facial bones and lacerations to restore the original anatomy of the face.

Common Facial Traumas

Each facial trauma is unique. Your age, overall medical condition, and current oral health all play a role in the damage you sustain, as do the circumstances and physics of your accident and even a bit of luck. Still, facial traumas can be grouped into three basic categories:

Dental injuries: While your family dentist can generally repair minor cracks or chips in a tooth, you will need an oral surgeon for a dental injury that extends into the tooth socket. If your tooth is knocked out, pick up by the chewing surface, gently rinse it under running water, submerge it in milk, and bring it to us immediately. Do not touch the tooth roots or any attached tissue.

Teeth have the best chance for successful reattachment within 30 minutes of being knocked out. If we are unable to reattach the tooth, we will explain your options for replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

Face or mouth lacerations: Lacerations are typically closed with sutures. We will carefully evaluate your facial and oral structures to avoid damage to important features such as the nerves and salivary glands, and to place sutures in a way that minimizes scarring.

Facial and jawbone fractures: While most broken bones are reset and stabilized in a sling or a cast, facial bones are a bit different. We may use a combination of screws, plates, and wires to stabilize the bone, depending on the specifics of your fracture. Eye sockets, jaws, and cheekbones are among the most commonly fractured bones.

Whether you have a minor facial injury or a highly complex one, it is always best to visit a skilled oral surgeon. We have the specialized training and experience to evaluate and treat your facial injury in a way that optimizes functionality, health, and facial aesthetics.

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