Gum Grafting in NYC

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Receding gums can cause both cosmetic and oral health concerns. If gums recede far enough to expose the tooth roots, not only is the resulting smile less aesthetic than it could be, but dental sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is likely to occur. In addition, the exposed roots are at risk for decay and instability, and bacteria can easily spread to the jawbone, potentially leading to tooth loss. Fortunately, along with treating the gum disease, gum grafting can help protect the tooth roots while improving the appearance of the smile.

What Is Gum Grafting?

Gum grafting is a minor oral surgery in which harvested tissue is carefully stitched to the existing gum tissue to cover the exposed tooth roots. There are three basic types of gum grafts, based on where the tissues are harvested:

Connective-tissue grafts are the most common. The grafted tissue is taken from the connective tissue at the roof of your mouth.

Free gingival grafts harvest tissue directly from your palate.

Pedicle grafts use the tissues that are adjacent to the tooth that is being fixed.

Regardless of the specific type of graft, the entire procedure takes approximately 90 minutes. You may experience some mild discomfort for a few days, which typically responds well to over the counter pain relievers. You can return to work or school in 24 to 48 hours. The risk for complications is very low, but it is important to call us right away if you have severe pain or bleeding, a fever, or any other signs that something is not right.

You will have a follow-up appointment in a week or so to remove your stitches and check your progress. Until your follow-up appointment, eat a soft diet and avoid very hot foods. Also avoid sports and heavy physical activity. We will provide instructions for caring for your oral hygiene during the healing process.

Preventing Gum Recession

It is always easier and less expensive to prevent gum recession than to treat it. Pay close attention to your oral hygiene and be sure to visit your dentist for twice-annual cleanings and checkups. If you notice any signs of gum disease such as bleeding, swelling, or tenderness, call your dentist right away.

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